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.NET XMLBuilder, a .NET port of Java XMLBuilder

Posted by – November 30, 2009

Yesteday I finished the port of Java XMLBuilder to .NET, now you can use any .NET language to easily create xml documents, .NET XMLBuilder is written in Delphi Prism and released under Apache 2.0 license. The current release of XMLBuilder can be download here.

XMLBuilder is very easy to use, it contains a kind of DSL, a basic example can be checked below:


Facelets EL Functions can save your day

Posted by – November 2, 2008

In the last week I had several issues during the development of a jsf application that could be solved by creating few custom Facelets EL functions, let’s take a look on which scenarios Facelets EL functions helped me.

1. Simple loop over a range of numbers

JSF has a lot of components that can be used to iterate over a model and repeat its own child components several times, some of them are Tomahawk’s dataList and Richfaces repeat.

But in all of these components I couldn’t find a way to do a simple iteration on a range of numbers, like repeat all child components starting from 1 and stopping at n number of times.

Maybe you will say: “What about c:forEach? It can do this kind of iteration!”, oh yes, it can, and I tried to use it but it crashes when I pass EL expressions to both begin and end attributes, it only accepts hardcoded values.


Hello World with Qtopia (Part 3 – User Interface Files)

Posted by – May 28, 2008

The majority of applications requires a user interface to allow user interaction with application functionalities, this third part of our article will talk about the user interface files that are xml files used to define the contents of Qtopia graphical elements like dialog boxes and windows.

In the example below we are defining a QWidget called HelloWorldBase, this widget is the main window of helloworld application, it contains a QLineEdit (input box), a QLabel and a QPushButton each of then can be declared in xml using the <widget> tag where the class attribute indicate the widget type and name attribute holds the object instance name. Each widget may have default values for its properties, you can define the widget properties using <property> tag, a property requires a name that must be supplied on name attribute of this tag.


Delphi resources for digital signature (XML-Signature)

Posted by – May 22, 2008

Few people has been asking about how digitally sign xml document in Delphi, after googling a while I found the component below:


If you are a brazilian developer looking for resources for eNF’s (notas fiscais eletrônicas) you can find some answers in the urls below:




Groovy and Rails = Grails

Posted by – February 28, 2008

I started my study about grails few weeks ago, grails is a rad framework, very similar to Ruby on Rails but with a lot of nice features, one of them is the builtin support for rest webservice, you just need create your domain and controller classes, start the application and then you can submit your xml over GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods! Very easy and handy!

You only need type these command on command line window:

grails create-app restservice

grails create-domain-class Person

grails create-controller Person

Now you must edit Person.groovy at restservice/grails-app/domain folder and then add Person class properties like below: