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Hello World with Qtopia (Part 5 – Building, Installing and Running Applications)

Posted by – August 16, 2008

In the previous article we talked a little about how to create the necessary code that shows how to create a basic hello world application on Qtopia platform, in this article with will show how to generate the makefile, build, install and run this application.

Please open a Konsole window and the execute the following commands:

#setting the appropiate environment variables
source /opt/Qtopia/SDK/scripts/devel-x86.sh

#changing to directory where the sources can be found
cd ~/projects/helloworld

#generating make files from helloworld.pro

#clean previous build
make clean

#build application binaries

#creating the application package to deploy on device (or emulator)
sdk –p

#installing application on device
sdk –i

You can run the application by clicking on runqpe icon on desktop.

I personally would like to see Qtopia platform as real option of application platform for Nokia devices, Qtopia has a lot of features that makes the application development much more easy than Symbian platform.


RSocket bug in S60 SDK third edition

Posted by – June 14, 2008

I’m just wondering if this bug will have a solution in future versions of Nokia S60 SDK, this is a very bad bug where the symbian application can’t connect more than 400 times without reboot. How can I create a mobile applications for this platform if I know this will stop because of platform bug? What about stop the development of applications to this platform?

The worst part is, Nokia doesn’t care about bug severity and the only thing that Nokia can say is “this bug will be fixed in future releases of S60 SDK”, terrible!

Nokia really cares with your costumers and how much he can help your costumers? The answer is simple: NO!!!!


Debugging Symbian Applications – A Hard Task

Posted by – May 30, 2008

I have been working hard trying to fix a bug with timeout engine of a symbian app used to handle socket timeout, sometimes the application crashes when the first timeout happens and others after several timeouts.

We had used large TBuf descriptors in many places of application, I changed to RBuf, no success.

I hope find the main reason of this bug soon and get more expertise with Symbian application development and debug.


How to hide an app on Symbian tasklist (fast-swap window)

Posted by – May 14, 2008

I have been searching about how can I do it, there are many ways to solve the problem, here’s a list of pages that contains some solutions:

At nokia wiki I found this entry that hides windowgroup.

This post from Paul Todd blog shows how can you do it using a single line of code, you can add this line on your YourAppUI.cpp file like below:

void CYourAppUI::ConstructL
     ...constructor code...


     ...constructor code...