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ASP.NET Basics with Visual Studio Web Developer 2008

Posted by – January 8, 2009

ASP.NET is one of the key technologies behind .NET Framework, you can easily create web applications to collect data entered by user by placing some input controls in your page, once the data is entered and the page is submited, you can read data on server side by accessing specific properties in your controls.

This article will give an idea about how to create a simple ASP.NET project, it will have a page that contains some textboxes and a button, this button will have an event attached to it, we will add some code in this event to store user entered data into an SQLite database using its ADO.NET provider that can be downloaded here.

I’m assuming that you already have installed Visual Studio Web Developer Express 2008 in your computer, if not, you must download both from this site.

Now you must start Visual Studio Web Developer Express 2008 and then go to File->New Web Site… menu like we have in the image below: