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Getting MongoDB running on Solaris 10

Posted by – July 20, 2009

That’s what I did to get MongoDB running on Solaris 10:

1. Download, compile and install gcc 4.4

MongoDB can’t be compiled with bundled version of gcc on Solaris 10, it requires gcc 4.0 at least, I couldn’t find the binary package of gcc 4 for Solaris 10 anywhere on the web, so I decided to download and compile gcc 4 by myself.

You may get some build errors because of missing targets during build process, try run “make -i” to ignore build errors.

2. Download, compile and install SpiderMonkey 1.8.0 RC 1

Another MongoDB dependency is SpiderMonkey, MongoDB uses SpiderMonkey to process JSON data, please download and uncompress SpiderMonkey sources.

Once the tarball is successfully downloaded, you must make a copy of makefile for Solaris 10 for Inter PCs by running the following command:

cp config/SunOS5.10.mk config/SunOS5.10_i86pc.mk

And set the PATH with the directory that contains the ar tool:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/ccs/bin

Now run the following command fron src directory:

gmake -f Makefile.ref