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About evaluate xubuntu

Posted by – October 20, 2007

Yesterday I downloaded xubuntu 7.10, now I’ll evaluate xubuntu to take an idea about how good is this flavor of ubuntu distro, I would like read some opinions about this distro.

My first try to use xubuntu on my Compaq R3000US was completely unsuccessful, my computer freezes when xorg starts, maybe because I have a Sansung SyncMaster 931BW attached on my external RGB video output.

If you know something about xubuntu 7.10 and how to use in dual display mode, please leave a comment.


Softwares do Windows e seus similares no Linux

Posted by – September 29, 2007

Essa lista é contém uma pequena lista de softwares livres que são similares de softwares para Windows.

  • Cantasia Studio -> Xvidcap
  • Remote Desktop -> rdesktop
  • .NET -> Mono

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