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How to add an JSF action for event handling to Chartcreator charts

Posted by – June 24, 2008

Chartcreator is a very cool charting component for JSF, it uses JFreeChart as rendering engine, chartcreator can render many kinds of charts, including 3D charts, but there are some circunstances where just render charts isn’t enougth and you need some interaction too, I’ll show in this article how can you and some user interaction with Chartcreator generated charts.

Our example is a small piece of JSF code where we have a chart, a script block and a form with a inputText and a commandLink, our idea is simple, the user clicks on any portion of chart image, a imagemap click event is triggered and in javascript code we collect the information about the imagemap portion that we clicked and then pass this data to our inputText, a click is fired on commandLink and the data stored on inputText is set on managedbean property, the managedbean action is called performing some aplication navigation of something else.



What about C++ development?

Posted by – May 6, 2008

In the past years we have seen a lot of IT professionals migrating to Java development, Java language facilitates a lot the application development, the WORA principle of Java makes this language very attractive to computer science students, the Java syntax is similar to C/C++ syntax, has a lot of frameworks, full support to wide range of standards, in other words, Java provides a complete stack of computer programing resources.
Now I’m starting to think: “It’s too easy, I need more!”, so I started to look for more resources about C++ programming, and you may ask: “Why?”, well, for mobile applications development C++ is the only language that can be used to generate binaries that fit memory and performance requirements, moreover, several companies still need this kind of computer expert. But the main reason is, I really need increase my skills about software development and discover how much far I can go in this area.


Overriding Swing components labels

Posted by – April 17, 2008

Are you worried about how can you put some components like JOptionPane, JFileChooser or JColorChooser in your language? You can solve this issue easily! Just add this code at the start of your application:


“com.company.YourBundle” is the basename of your properties file, that can be:


Where YourBundle*.properties may contains:

FileChooser.saveInLabelText=Salvar em:


ColorChooser.sampleText=Texto de Exemplo Texto de Exemplo
ColorChooser.swatchesNameText=Paleta de cores


Information Retrieval and Search solutions for Java platform

Posted by – April 3, 2008

After few days reading Lucene and Solr mailing lists archives I discovered a large range of frameworks and tools related with information retrieval and natural language processing, at first moment we can find the most important search engines components at Lucene site as Lucene subprojects, but there are several other initiatives related with this topic.


Playing with Android SDK

Posted by – March 20, 2008

Yesterday I wrote a small app using Android SDK, this app is called on every incoming call showing a image downloaded from internet, the first challenge was discover how can I catch a system event like a phone call, I could find the answer in this post, all the other questions could be answered by searching on Andoid Developers Google Groups.