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Writing a command line translation tool with Go language

Posted by – November 14, 2009

Go is a new language coming from Google, it isn’t fully object oriented as Java, or completely dynamic typed as Python, Go is in the middle of both worlds, it aims to be clean, fast to compile, safe and fun.

I wrote a small program where I can call the google translator service on the web to translate a text, and to be honest, its a very simple task, I wrote this tool in less than 5 hours without any previous experience with Go.

The entire program code can be checked below:



Writing MacOSX System Services with RubyCocoa

Posted by – September 7, 2009

Today I started my study about RubyCocoa and how it works, my first project was a simple system service for MacOSX Leopard where the user can type a portuguese text, select it and translate to english, the user can also type the text in english and execute the system service to translate it back to portuguese.

Here’s what I did:


Google Chrome and Web Experience

Posted by – September 3, 2008

Today I downloaded the first public version of Google Chrome, a brand new browser from Google, at first moment Google Chrome looks really good, with a very clean user interface, google usability and a organized interface, I could use GMail and iGoogle without any problems, Chrome can render several other websites and gracefully pass acid2 test,but only passed 79 of 100 of acid3 tests, is it a WebKit limitation? :D

The only html element that did’t worked as expected was the form input file, I cound’t see the text box of this input element anywhere on the page, only a label that is rendered after the button used to open the dialog window to select the file to upload.

For my JSF applications Chrome worked like a charm, I couldn’t find anything wrong, the autocomplete feature that uses scriptaculous worked without any problems.


Playing with Android SDK

Posted by – March 20, 2008

Yesterday I wrote a small app using Android SDK, this app is called on every incoming call showing a image downloaded from internet, the first challenge was discover how can I catch a system event like a phone call, I could find the answer in this post, all the other questions could be answered by searching on Andoid Developers Google Groups.