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Data Persistence on ASP.NET MVC Applications with EntityFramework

Posted by – February 27, 2009

There’s no doubt, ASP.NET is an amazing technology, very productive and easy to use, but it isn’t perfect, his architecture doesn’t help enough when you need add unit tests in your project and you can’t see a clean separation of concerns, some of its urls used to access pages isn’t so intuitive, if you need pass some data over browser address bar it will only read by accessing the old QueryString object.

As completly opposite we have ASP.NET MVC, some of its urls are very intuitive, you don’t need use something like QueryString object to read parameters passed via GET method, you can see a clear separation between model, view and controller layers, all ASP.NET MVC applications can be easily tested using the most famous unit tests frameworks.

In this article I’ll give a small introduction to web development with ASP.NET MVC and data persistence using ADO.NET EntityFramework, a simple contacts application will show how to accomplish this.