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.NET XMLBuilder, a .NET port of Java XMLBuilder

Posted by – November 30, 2009

Yesteday I finished the port of Java XMLBuilder to .NET, now you can use any .NET language to easily create xml documents, .NET XMLBuilder is written in Delphi Prism and released under Apache 2.0 license. The current release of XMLBuilder can be download here.

XMLBuilder is very easy to use, it contains a kind of DSL, a basic example can be checked below:


Gracelets – DSL for JSF Applications

Posted by – September 15, 2008

Sometimes I remeber to visit TSS site to check some news about Java world, one of the threads that catch my attention was the article about use Raven to build Java projects, Raven allows to use your DSLs to write build files on top of Java language, with these DSLs you can do much more than any other build system like Ant but with less code.

You can define your own DSL to solve a specific problem, Raven uses a DSL to write builds scripts, but you can use DSLs to generate XML content, RSS content, HTML pages, SQL statements, create swing applications and to perform unit conversions.

But what about Gracelets? What’s it for?