Running a FSIS CTS flow from command line

Posted by – December 21, 2011

FSIS is a powerfull solution, with CTS you can easily consume and process data to be used on ESP for search or not, recently I wrote a very small powershell script that just run a CTS flow to index database records on ESP.

Here’s how this script looks like:

Add-PSSnapin HostControllerPSSnapIn
Add-PSSnapin EnginePSSnapin
Add-PSSnapin JunoPSSnapin

write-host "`nRunning flow`n" `
        -foregroundcolor green



Execute-Flow -FlowName MyFlow

write-host "`nFinished running`n" `
        -foregroundcolor green

And then I just run the script with:

powershell.exe -Command “& c:\scripts\process_database.ps1″

The above command line example can is ready to be used on Task Scheduler, enjoy!


Android ResizeAnimation with a starting height

Posted by – December 13, 2011

I recently found a a way to resize a view in a way to make it open/collaspse in a Android activity, this kind of animation gives some charm when showing some interface elements like a toolbar or a navigator to the user, you can make it show on screen completelly or have a small piece visible and disclose all the hidden portion.

This animation is based on some code that can be found on stackoverlow, but I made few changes to add extra features to it like start the animation from specific height instead of 0.

Here’s the full code:



How to create a PyDev project with DJango and Google App Engine support

Posted by – December 13, 2011

PyDev is an awesome plugin for Python development under Eclipse, with this plugin you can easily create a Django project or a Google App Engine project, but not a project which uses Django and run under Google App Engine at same time.

Here’s what I did to create a project which has support for both features:


XML Generation in Objective-C with XMLDocument

Posted by – October 21, 2011

XML generation is one of the most common programming tasks done by several developers around the world, with XML we can easily integrate different platforms, using a data format that is very easy to understand and work with.

Unfortunately iOS API doesn’t provide a built in class that help us with XML generation, so I decided to write my own helper class for this purpose.

XMLDocument is a very simple class, you may not found several features that are very common in XML generation, but with this class I could easily implement what I need to get one of my iOS project done.

Here’s how the class is implemented, any help on improvements will be appreciated.


Desenvolvimento de soluções de TI para mobile, web, desktop e buscas

Posted by – August 5, 2011

Neste blog é abordado aspectos de desenvolvimento de software, a maioria dos posts são em inglês, este post tem por objetivo apresentar para o público que fala a língua portuguesa sobre os meus serviços de desenvolvimento de software como empresa.

Se você deseja uma solução de qualidade para a sua empresa, seja um software mobile para iPad/iPhone, Android entre outros, um site na internet ou até mesmo a implementação de uma solução de busca empresarial, entre em contato, estarei à postos para oferecer a melhor solução existente no mercado.

Seja qual for a solução: mobile, web, desktop ou busca, para as plataformas: Windows, Linux, Solaris, Android, iOS, Bada, webOS, Windows Phone 7, e linguagens: C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, C++, Delphi, Ruby entre outras, você vai encontrar aqui o profissional apto a suprir as necessidades mais comuns de TI em uma empresa.

É possível encontrar detalhes sobre o meu portfolio aqui, você também pode entrar em contato através desta página.