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Unrar4iOS – A port of unrar to iOS platform

Posted by – November 15, 2010

Recently I started a project which must understand the CBR format, for those that doesn’t know, CBR is a comics file format, which consists of several image files archived in RAR archive format.

In order to be able to read CBR archive contents and uncompress them I need to port unrar library to iOS, after some quick research I found an existing work done in this way, it’s pretty old, but gave me some insight about how to start.


Web Content Extractor for Web Scrapping

Posted by – August 2, 2008

The scrapy is a very nice software that allows to extract only specific portions of html page, with web scrapping tools you can extract from the web pages the data that you really need, dropping out all layout markup, this software is very easy to use, it has similiar features to kapow but very less expensive.
You can learn more about this amazing framework by clicking here.