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React Native must have libraries

Posted by – April 16, 2016

Here’s a small list of must have libraries for every react native project:

Some of these libraries aren’t mandatory, but there have been used in many projects outside there, feel free to suggest new ones!


How to add a ViewDeck into a StoryBoard scene

Posted by – April 3, 2012

ViewDeck ( is an amazing library that helps you to easily add a Facebook like menu into your application, unfortunelly it has a small issue with storyboards causing to not load the IIViewDeckController code properly.

In order to make use of ViewDeck in a specific scene of my storyboard, I created a blank scene with a empty view, in viewDidLoad method I added the following lines of code:


Android ResizeAnimation with a starting height

Posted by – December 13, 2011

I recently found a a way to resize a view in a way to make it open/collaspse in a Android activity, this kind of animation gives some charm when showing some interface elements like a toolbar or a navigator to the user, you can make it show on screen completelly or have a small piece visible and disclose all the hidden portion.

This animation is based on some code that can be found on stackoverlow, but I made few changes to add extra features to it like start the animation from specific height instead of 0.

Here’s the full code:



XML Generation in Objective-C with XMLDocument

Posted by – October 21, 2011

XML generation is one of the most common programming tasks done by several developers around the world, with XML we can easily integrate different platforms, using a data format that is very easy to understand and work with.

Unfortunately iOS API doesn’t provide a built in class that help us with XML generation, so I decided to write my own helper class for this purpose.

XMLDocument is a very simple class, you may not found several features that are very common in XML generation, but with this class I could easily implement what I need to get one of my iOS project done.

Here’s how the class is implemented, any help on improvements will be appreciated.


Unrar4iOS – A port of unrar to iOS platform

Posted by – November 15, 2010

Recently I started a project which must understand the CBR format, for those that doesn’t know, CBR is a comics file format, which consists of several image files archived in RAR archive format.

In order to be able to read CBR archive contents and uncompress them I need to port unrar library to iOS, after some quick research I found an existing work done in this way, it’s pretty old, but gave me some insight about how to start.