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Easy Database Driven Development with Boost and SOCI

Posted by – October 21, 2013

Last weekend I started to learn more about C++, my first project is a contacts manager, so I googled a little about how to do some persistence on C++ with minimum code and then I found SOCI.

SOCI is a very small database library which gives us the illusion to be embedding SQL queries in C++ code as the project site says, in fact, this is the beauty behind the library, which makes your C++ code very clean and easy to maintain.

But there’s no way to be productive with C++ programming these days without Boost, this awesome library has several utilities classes which can speedup your development several times, this blog post will show a little more about how these two libraries can help you to develop a database driven console application.



Data driven application with GTK+ and APR DBD routines

Posted by – June 19, 2010

I have been trying to find a reason to study c programming for a long time, now I found a reason to do it, I wrote a very small application that uses APR and GTK+ where I can manager costumers and suppliers contact info.

Before start coding you must pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Apache APR
  • GTK+
  • pkg-config

All the requirements above can be easily installed in your system by using the linux distribution package management system, you can also visit their respective sites to download the sources, compile them and install the binaries. The Apache APR sources can be found at and GTK+ sources at


Hello World with Qtopia (Part 5 – Building, Installing and Running Applications)

Posted by – August 16, 2008

In the previous article we talked a little about how to create the necessary code that shows how to create a basic hello world application on Qtopia platform, in this article with will show how to generate the makefile, build, install and run this application.

Please open a Konsole window and the execute the following commands:

#setting the appropiate environment variables
source /opt/Qtopia/SDK/scripts/

#changing to directory where the sources can be found
cd ~/projects/helloworld

#generating make files from

#clean previous build
make clean

#build application binaries

#creating the application package to deploy on device (or emulator)
sdk –p

#installing application on device
sdk –i

You can run the application by clicking on runqpe icon on desktop.

I personally would like to see Qtopia platform as real option of application platform for Nokia devices, Qtopia has a lot of features that makes the application development much more easy than Symbian platform.


Hello World with Qtopia (Part 2 – Project File)

Posted by – May 23, 2008

In my previous article we had a short introduction to Qtopia development, I also showed how to use the example project that comes with SDK to start a new one.

This article will talk a little about one of the most important files of any Qtopia project the file, this file contains very important configuration parameters for every Qtopia application, please open your preferred text editor and put the code below (look the comments):


About evaluate xubuntu

Posted by – October 20, 2007

Yesterday I downloaded xubuntu 7.10, now I’ll evaluate xubuntu to take an idea about how good is this flavor of ubuntu distro, I would like read some opinions about this distro.

My first try to use xubuntu on my Compaq R3000US was completely unsuccessful, my computer freezes when xorg starts, maybe because I have a Sansung SyncMaster 931BW attached on my external RGB video output.

If you know something about xubuntu 7.10 and how to use in dual display mode, please leave a comment.