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Some fun programming with Go

Posted by – April 11, 2016

I recently restarted my effort on learn Go, the community is vibrant, even on irc we have several users present on go-nuts channel, the number of libraries is growing very fast, I took some time and wrote two libraries to make some tasks easier.

1. Timeago

Timeago is a small library that can easily calculate a difference between two times and return a string containing how much time passed between them.

2. Verbo

Verbo is a collection of string functions like chop, dashrize, slugify, swapcase and several others that makes the developers life much more easier, there’s a lot of the other functions for string manipulation to come soon.

Both libraries are under MIT license, you that is a go developer is invited to contribute with fixes and improvements!


Writing a command line translation tool with Go language

Posted by – November 14, 2009

Go is a new language coming from Google, it isn’t fully object oriented as Java, or completely dynamic typed as Python, Go is in the middle of both worlds, it aims to be clean, fast to compile, safe and fun.

I wrote a small program where I can call the google translator service on the web to translate a text, and to be honest, its a very simple task, I wrote this tool in less than 5 hours without any previous experience with Go.

The entire program code can be checked below: