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Using Autofac in a ASP.NET MVC 4 application

Posted by – October 18, 2012

ASP.NET MVC is a great framework, very flexible, but sometimes we need to organize a little better our business logic, there’s nothing better than have a business logic completely decoupled from controller, which can be easily reused on several controllers over the project.

To help ASP.NET MVC make use of reusable business logic and other logic components aswell, we can add a DI/IoC container to our project, after few days researching about IoC container alternatives, I choose Autofac to create my first web application that takes advantage of Dependency Injection.


Fixing SelectedValue issue on DropbDownListFor with SelectList

Posted by – July 30, 2012

After spent several hours trying to figure out how the SelectedValue works on DropDownListFor, I finally figure out how to do it, you can also check my answer on stackoverflow here.

It’s very simple to get SelectList and SelectedValue working together, even if your property isn’t a simple object like a Int, String or a Double value.


Assuming our Region object is something like this:

public class Region {
     public Guid ID { get; set; }
     public string Name { get; set; }



How to create a PyDev project with DJango and Google App Engine support

Posted by – December 13, 2011

PyDev is an awesome plugin for Python development under Eclipse, with this plugin you can easily create a Django project or a Google App Engine project, but not a project which uses Django and run under Google App Engine at same time.

Here’s what I did to create a project which has support for both features:


XML Generation in Objective-C with XMLDocument

Posted by – October 21, 2011

XML generation is one of the most common programming tasks done by several developers around the world, with XML we can easily integrate different platforms, using a data format that is very easy to understand and work with.

Unfortunately iOS API doesn’t provide a built in class that help us with XML generation, so I decided to write my own helper class for this purpose.

XMLDocument is a very simple class, you may not found several features that are very common in XML generation, but with this class I could easily implement what I need to get one of my iOS project done.

Here’s how the class is implemented, any help on improvements will be appreciated.


Data driven application with GTK+ and APR DBD routines

Posted by – June 19, 2010

I have been trying to find a reason to study c programming for a long time, now I found a reason to do it, I wrote a very small application that uses APR and GTK+ where I can manager costumers and suppliers contact info.

Before start coding you must pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Apache APR
  • GTK+
  • pkg-config

All the requirements above can be easily installed in your system by using the linux distribution package management system, you can also visit their respective sites to download the sources, compile them and install the binaries. The Apache APR sources can be found at and GTK+ sources at