More updates comming soon

Posted by – April 30, 2015

I’m not sure if someone in this world is reading what I write on this blog, anyway, I hope to be able to post more updates about IT world and my current challenges regarding Data Science and Functional Programming.

Besides that we also have a lot of other cool topics like dependency management for Javascript, Go and Haskell.


Easy Database Driven Development with Boost and SOCI

Posted by – October 21, 2013

Last weekend I started to learn more about C++, my first project is a contacts manager, so I googled a little about how to do some persistence on C++ with minimum code and then I found SOCI.

SOCI is a very small database library which gives us the illusion to be embedding SQL queries in C++ code as the project site says, in fact, this is the beauty behind the library, which makes your C++ code very clean and easy to maintain.

But there’s no way to be productive with C++ programming these days without Boost, this awesome library has several utilities classes which can speedup your development several times, this blog post will show a little more about how these two libraries can help you to develop a database driven console application.



Using Autofac in a ASP.NET MVC 4 application

Posted by – October 18, 2012

ASP.NET MVC is a great framework, very flexible, but sometimes we need to organize a little better our business logic, there’s nothing better than have a business logic completely decoupled from controller, which can be easily reused on several controllers over the project.

To help ASP.NET MVC make use of reusable business logic and other logic components aswell, we can add a DI/IoC container to our project, after few days researching about IoC container alternatives, I choose Autofac to create my first web application that takes advantage of Dependency Injection.


Fixing SelectedValue issue on DropbDownListFor with SelectList

Posted by – July 30, 2012

After spent several hours trying to figure out how the SelectedValue works on DropDownListFor, I finally figure out how to do it, you can also check my answer on stackoverflow here.

It’s very simple to get SelectList and SelectedValue working together, even if your property isn’t a simple object like a Int, String or a Double value.


Assuming our Region object is something like this:

public class Region {
     public Guid ID { get; set; }
     public string Name { get; set; }



How to add a ViewDeck into a StoryBoard scene

Posted by – April 3, 2012

ViewDeck ( is an amazing library that helps you to easily add a Facebook like menu into your application, unfortunelly it has a small issue with storyboards causing to not load the IIViewDeckController code properly.

In order to make use of ViewDeck in a specific scene of my storyboard, I created a blank scene with a empty view, in viewDidLoad method I added the following lines of code: