Improving developer experience on Windows

Posted by – September 2, 2017

Today I spent sometime doing coding on Windows, but after some hours a question came up: “Should I do everything on GUI only?”

Of course not! With help of chocolatey, there’s a lot of apps that can be installed to make coding on terminal much more easier, I found few of them and I would like to share with you now:


The most portable terminal emulator for Windows, very clean interface, it allows split windows, has tab navigation support and alias for several commands like ls, clear and other commands that you type on Mac or Linux and eventually type on Windows by mistake :D

You can install it via

choco install cmder


Its a very modern console text editor, it has syntax highlight support for up to 90 languages! It also has support for very common keystrokes like Ctrl + S to save, Ctrl + C to copy, and Ctrl + Q to exit the editor.

choco install micro

There’s a lot of other alternatives for terminal emulator like ConsoleZ and ConEmu, same for text editors, like nano, but I stronly suggest take a look on these two, they are very modern, clean and easy to use.


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