JBoss Seam and Richfaces

Posted by – December 25, 2008

Yesterday I started a small application using JBoss Seam and Richfaces, after some hours fixing configuration issues and incompatibilities I could finally get a simple crud working.

One of the problems that I had while trying to get the application running was a redirect loop when using seam with myfaces tomahawk, once I removed myfaces tomahawk libs and configuration entries in web.xml the error gone.

Now I have another problem related with Richfaces calendar component, the popup button image isn’t displayed and the javascript for calendar component isn’t loaded too.


3 Comments on JBoss Seam and Richfaces

  1. rogerio says:

    I still haven’t any success trying to using richfaces components with seam.

  2. alexsmirnov says:

    Take a look at http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/richfaces/trunk/samples/seamIntegration
    This is my example for RichFaces – Seam compatibility tests.

  3. rogerio says:

    I made some changes in web.xml and component.xml, now the javascript files are loaded properly and calendar popup image is correctly displayed, but the javascript code used to initialize calendar component has an annoying error.

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