Google Chrome and Web Experience

Posted by – September 3, 2008

Today I downloaded the first public version of Google Chrome, a brand new browser from Google, at first moment Google Chrome looks really good, with a very clean user interface, google usability and a organized interface, I could use GMail and iGoogle without any problems, Chrome can render several other websites and gracefully pass acid2 test,but only passed 79 of 100 of acid3 tests, is it a WebKit limitation? :D

The only html element that did’t worked as expected was the form input file, I cound’t see the text box of this input element anywhere on the page, only a label that is rendered after the button used to open the dialog window to select the file to upload.

For my JSF applications Chrome worked like a charm, I couldn’t find anything wrong, the autocomplete feature that uses scriptaculous worked without any problems.


3 Comments on Google Chrome and Web Experience

  1. Renato F says:

    2 things really bother me after I installed the Google Chrome in my computer:

    1) Why they decided to launch the first version of their open source browse for a proprietary operating system like windows? Why not for linux? (btw, I never got why gtalk is just for windows as well).

    2) I couldn’t use the java plug in properly… The keyboard for my bank password didn’t work (Banco do Brazil), perhaps I did something wrong…


  2. rogerio says:

    Maybe they choose Windows because of the large number of users, but don’t worry, we will have Chrome running on Linux and MacOSX soon.

    Now about Java plugin, have you tried to report it as bug to Google Chrome team?

  3. Chromium (the open source version) is now available for both Mac and Linux.

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