My first iPhone application and the next challenges

Posted by – April 23, 2008

Last sunday I finished the development of my first iPhone application, I could do this by using Xcode and Interface Builder, the last beta of iPhone SDK comes with good integration between these two tools, but there are some components missing on Interface Builder, like UIDatePicker and UISlider, I can bypass it for now.

My first iPhone app just download an display an image on the screen, the iPhone Dev Center comes with a lot of documentation that contains some examples about how can you do that, you only need create a user and password to access all resources for iPhone development.

Now you ask: “Where’s the application source code?”, the answer is here.

After finish my first application I have a new questions: How can I catch iPhone incoming calls and how can I start my application based on this event? Is there any way to retrieve mobile location information? The answer can be only found after join in iPhone Developer Program? Apple engineers has the answer for this question?

If someone knows, please post your comments.


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