JSF charting solutions

Posted by – November 24, 2007

Today I checked some charting solutions that works with JSF after read this post on Brazilian JSF UG, one of then is iLog charts, this chart solution is very cool, but I need more time to know if this solution can be used on the project that I’m working right now.
Actually I’m working on another chart solution called ChartCreator, I’m very happy this component, I could implement many features in this component and solve many issues on costumers applications.
A set o examples can be found here. Click and enjoy!


4 Comments on JSF charting solutions

  1. Rafael Ponte says:

    Great Rogerio :) )

    The iLOG is very robust for most of the projects that i had seen, i believe that it is more specific what others set of components to charting as MyFaces Trinidad which it do has excellents charting solutions too!

    Otherwise, the ChartCreator is sufficient for most of the projects, and still it has the brazilian developer between the commiters team :) ) YOU! This is great!!

    ps.: I’m sorry for my bad english :~

  2. rogerio says:

    Don’t worry about your english you are in right way, thanks for you opinion about charting solutions dude!

  3. Olá Rogerio,

    Bom ver que tem mais um brasileiro contribuindo com o ChartCreator… Dei uma contribuição há algum tempo atrás mas não tenho tido tempo de mexer mais (meu nome está lá na lista de contribuidores abaixo do seu). Parabéns!

    Onde você trabalha?


  4. rogerio says:

    Trabalho na Druid Internet Systems no momento, porém boa parte das minhas contribuições ocorreram quando estava trabalhando na Fast Search and Transfer .

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